Guide to Building My Sinkhole Base

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Guide to Building My Sinkhole Base

This guide will continue off of The Forest Guide to Building Across the Sinkhole and show you how to build the foundation for the base shown in The Forest Sinkhole Base Showcase.  While creating this guide I did make use of fly mode through Mod API, however, all steps can be done through the use of stair scaffolding.


Step 1

Following the same steps you used to build across the sinkhole build a bridge perpendicular from the center of the existing bridge to the edge of the sinkhole.  

The resulting product should look like this:


Step 2

Build a rock wall two wooden planks down from the intersection on all sides.

Place a custom floor that connects the three rock walls to create a large triangular floor.


Step 3

Using the custom wall place along the outside of the triangular platform but not on the corners, then place a floor along the top of the walls to create a second floor


Step 4

Using the rock walls place two walls along the back and front of the triangle on the second floor.  You can make these go as high or as low as you want them too.

Place a custom floor along the top of the two walls to create the top floor.


Step 5

Place a crane starting from the first floor to the top floor.


After you have the three floors of the base built you can put in whatever you want.  If you need creative ideas you can check out what I did with it.