The Forest Guide to Building Across the Sinkhole

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The Forest Guide to Building Across the Sinkhole

Building a base across the sinkhole is one of the most challenging yet rewarding builds you can possibly do in The Forest. A building placed on top of the sinkhole is completely isolated from almost everything else, not to mention it will give you a killer view on all sides. However, figuring out how to build a platform across the sinkhole without spending 1000+ logs can be near impossible. This guide will show you how to build a basic bridge across the sinkhole for less than 100 logs.

A bridge built across the sinkhole.

Step 1

Build a custom foundation across the sinkhole however wide you want the bridge to be. It should come out to be around 6000 logs, but don’t worry it will only be used as a guideline.

A custom foundation placed across the sinkhole.

Step 2

Place rock walls on both sides of the foundation, keep in mind that these rock walls will have to be exactly in line with the foundation because if they are even a little bit off the bridge will not connect.

A good way to make sure that the walls are in line with the foundation is to stand along the side of the platform so you can see exactly where to put it.

Step 3

Place a custom floor across the sinkhole between the two rock walls. Keep in mind that you will have to press C in order to switch to custom flooring and even then it will be quite a pain to get it to work.

Do keep in mind that the process is quite difficult and steps 2&3 will most likely take multiple attempts. However, once you have the first bridge across the sinkhole building a base is the easy part.