Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode Gaming Guide

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Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode Gaming Guide

Final Fantasy XV is a massive game with dozens if not hundreds of unique features.  The important ones, such as the armiger, are displayed prominently while some of the more negligible ones, leading a fish, are hidden within the game.  However, an exception to this rule is the Wait Mode. Wait Mode completely changes combat, turning it from a smooth real-time action experience to a slower-paced and more strategic combat system.  This guide will help you activate Wait Mode and show you exactly what it can do.

Wait Mode in Final Fantasy XV

Wait Mode is by default disabled.  To activate it, you must go into your game settings and turn it on manually.  From then on Wait Mode will automatically activate every time you enter a battle.  All you need to do to trigger it is not to use any actions during combat. Activation path is as follows: Options > Combat > Wait Mode > Active.

Activating Wait Mode

Wait Mode affects combat within Final Fantasy XV.   At any point during a battle, if you activate Wait Mode time will stop, and you can analyze an enemies weaknesses as well as equip the corresponding gear.  The time you can spend in Wait Mode is limited and while you are in it a meter at the bottom of your screen will display how much longer it can be active. However, certain ascension mode perks will allow you to lengthen the available time or even get rid of the meter altogether.  While in Wait Mode you will have to opportunity to use the move Libra, this will show you your enemies strengths and weaknesses (it is important to note that Libra will not work on bosses). After using Libra against an enemy, you can equip the appropriate weapons and accessories to increase your fighting prowess significantly.  

Wait Mode Ascension Tree

Wait Mode shifts combat to a less active style benefiting players who dislike fast paced hack n’ slash game.  I hope this guide has shown you one of the lesser-known aspects of Final Fantasy XV and allowed you to customize it to your liking.