Final Fantasy XV Guide to Earning Gil

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Final Fantasy XV Guide to Earning Gil

Making gil in Final Fantasy XV is essential in advancement but can only be done in certain ways. Most missions will not give gil as a reward opting instead to bequest items. These items can be sold, but many of them are useful in their own right. This guide will show four easy ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XV.

1. Bounty Hunting

The first method in this guide is also the most common. It is to accept the various monster hunts found at eateries throughout Lucis. These hunts rarely take long and will reward more gil depending on the difficulty of the hunt

2. Working With Vy

The second method is to complete various photography missions as part of Vy’s questline. Vy can be found in Lestallum, and he will offer a series of eight missions. Each one will require you to journey to a hazardous area of the map and take pictures. These pictures are then given back to Vy for a reward. The rewards in chronological order are 5,000 gil, 7,500 gil, 10,000 gil, 12,500 gil, 15,000 gil, 17,500 gil, 20,000 gil, and finally 25,000 gil. In total, you can earn up to 123,500 gil from Vy.

3. Justice Monster Five

The third method in this guide is to play the Justice Monster V machine located in Altissa. The JMF in Altissa offers the grand prize of a Wind-Up Lord Vexxos which can be sold for 500,000 gil. Achieving the max score will generally take thirty to forty-five minutes to complete and can be done fairly easily if following my JMF Guide.

4. Totomostro Arena

The final method in this guide is to use the Totomostro arena in Altissia. Earning medals in Totomostro arena can be done fairly easily and quickly, as detailed in my Totomostro Arena Guide, medals can then be traded out for easily sellable items such as The Great Garula Tusk. Farming medals in Totomostro can earn you hundreds of thousands of gil an hour.

This guide has shown you the four easiest ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XV.  The gil earned by these techniques are essential to advancing your combat prowess.  Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to earn gil and enjoy FFXV.