Final Fantasy XV Totomostro Arena Gaming Guide

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Final Fantasy XV Totomostro Arena Gaming Guide

The Totomostro Arena, TMA, is a minigame within-Final Fantasy XV, it becomes playable after chapter 8 when you have access to Altissia. The basis for TMA is rather simple; you bet medals you purchased with gil on which monster team you believe will win a fight, after building up a stash of medals you can trade them in for valuable rewards. TMA can be a useful asset for acquiring rare items, but can also be expensive and time wasting for those unfamiliar with its ways. This guide will allow you to understand the TMA minigame and bag some of the rarest items in FFXV.

Balcony overlooking Totomostro Arena



The TMA is located in Altissa and can only be accessed by taking a series of Gondolas. The easiest way is to travel the main yellow line gondola to The Leville Station and then from there taking the green line gondola to the Listro Park North Station. Finally, you take the purple line gondola to Totomostro Arena.

Gondola station to the Totomostro Arena


Medals earned in the TMA minigame can be traded in for a variety of rewards, some unobtainable by any other means. Some of these rewards can take a mere 10 minutes to bag while others will force you to spend hours betting in the Arena. Below is a detailed list of all rewards possible through the use of the TMA minigame.

Some of the rewards shown above can only be purchased once, and after buying them, they will be replaced by similarly priced/valued items. Below is a chart of secondary rewards possible through the use of the TMA minigame.

The Monsters

The Monsters fighting in the Totomostro Arena are categorized based on the region of Lucis they spawn in. For example, the Flexitusks that spawn in the Leide section of the map will be found fighting in the Leide League. The four leagues include the Leide League, the Duscae Deathmatch, the Cleigne Crossroads, and the All-Star Monster Mayhem. The first three are pretty self-explanatory however the fourth league, All-Star Monster Mayhem, is a combination of all monsters throughout the game. During the night Daemons will also spawn. Daemons are not restricted to any particular section of the map and as such, they can appear in any of TMA’s leagues.

Picture of a fight within the Duscae Deathmatch

Factors in Determining the Winner

While betting in TMA may feel at first random, you will start to notice a few different variables that can allow you to predict the outcome of a match. These factors include, but are not limited to, Condition, Horns, Quantity, and Level.

Picture of the lobby right before starting a match.

The Level of a monster is the easiest way to assess his strength. Those with higher levels will generally be able to defeat lower leveled creatures. This, however, does not hold true all the time as other factors may allow a lower leveled monsters to counter a higher level one.

The Condition of a monster will determine how well he is able to perform. A perfect condition monster will have optimal health and attack while a low condition monster will spawn with a lower health bar and will not hit quite as hard. If a strong monster will low condition is faced with a weak monster will high condition the weak one may be able to win.

Horns are the only way that you as a player can have an impact on the outcome of the match. You start with the Horn of Fortitude, but more are available for purchase from the vendor seen right before entering the arena. Throughout the battle you will be prompted to mash a button, following the onscreen prompt will activate the horn giving your team a status boost. Below is a list of horns as well as their functions.

The Quantity of the team will determine the number of monsters spawned.  In a one v one situation, a group of five monsters can swarm a singular enemy beating him, however, if there is more than one enemy a team may split up rendering them useless.

A fight between a team of one and a team of two

The Totomostro Arena Mini-game will allow you to get some of the rarest items in the game. I hope this guide will allow you to more easily navigate the Totomostro Arena and get you a Magitek Generator.